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    What does Gällivare mean? Let's check what the community at Wikipedia thinks

    På svenska: Gällivare (nordsamiska: Jiellevárri eller Váhčir, lulesamiska: Jiellevárre eller Váhtjer, meänkieli: Jellivaara, finska: Jällivaara) är en tätort i Lappland och centralort i Gällivare kommun i Norrbottens län. Orten är en järnvägsknut mellan Malmbanan och Inlandsbanan, vilken har sin nordliga ändpunkt i Gällivare. Idag är samhällena Gällivare och Malmberget praktiskt taget hopbyggda och det är cirka fem kilometer mellan orternas centrala delar. Lär dig mer på Wikipedia
    In English: Gällivare (Swedish pronunciation: [ˈjɛ̌lːɪvɑːrɛ]; Finnish: Jällivaara; Northern Sami: Jiellevárri or Váhčir; Lule Sami: Jiellevárre or Váhtjer; Meänkieli: Jellivaara) is a locality and the seat of Gällivare Municipality in Norrbotten County, province of Lapland, Sweden with 8,449 inhabitants in 2010. The town was founded in the 17th century. Together with nearby towns Malmberget and Koskullskulle it forms a conurbation with some 15,000 inhabitants. This conurbation is the second northernmost significant urban area of Sweden after Kiruna. Gällivare is situated at the northern end of the Inlandsbanan railway line, about 100 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle. Gällivare is located in a major iron ore mining region. Adjacent to Gällivare (about five kilometres) is Malmberget, known as a site for iron ore extraction from deep mines by LKAB. Outside Gällivare lies the ski resort Dundret, which is equipped with six ski lifts and ten groomed slopes along with a conference center and hotel. The ski season stretches from the end of October all the way into early May. The town has been host for several World Cup skiing events, both alpine and cross-country. Gällivare is the center of the Firstborn Laestadian movement. It was the host town for the 2008 VIVA World Cup and also the filming spot for Avicii's single "Addicted to You". Sweden's second-largest fast food chain, Max Hamburgers, was founded in Gällivare, though the headquarters have since relocated to Luleå. Learn more at Wikipedia

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