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    What does Gävle mean? Let's check what the community at Wikipedia thinks

    På svenska: Gävle (uttal ) är en tätort i Gästrikland samt centralort i Gävle kommun och residensstad för Gävleborgs län. Gävle är Sveriges 14:e största, Norrlands näst största samt Gävleborgs läns största ort med 74 884 invånare (2015). Hela Gävle kommun hade 103 136 invånare den 31 december 2021. Gävleregionen är Norrlands största A-region, med 188 486 invånare (2020). Lär dig mer på Wikipedia
    In English: Gävle (pronounced [ˈjɛ̌ːvlɛ] (listen)) is a city in Sweden, the seat of Gävle Municipality and the capital of Gävleborg County. It had 77,586 inhabitants in 2020, which makes it the 13th most populated city in Sweden. It is the oldest city in the historical Norrland (Sweden's Northern Lands), having received its charter in 1446 from Christopher of Bavaria. However, Gävle is far nearer to the greater Stockholm region than it is to most other major settlements in Norrland and has a much milder climate than associated with said region. In recent years, the city has received much international attention due to its large Yule Goat figure made of straw - the Gävle Goat. The goat is erected in December each year and is often subsequently vandalized, usually by being set on fire. The goat has now become a symbol for the city and is being used for various marketing purposes. Learn more at Wikipedia

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