Full Stack Developer [NB this opening has expired]

Occupation: Mjukvaruutvecklare
Employer: Demaai AB
Workplace location: Stockholm, Stockholms lΓ€n, Sverige
Last application date: 2022-11-13
Publication date: 2022-10-14


Work experiences: Mjukvaruutvecklare;
Languages: Engelska;

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Dema.ai is on a mission to help thousands of global eCommerce businesses to improve their profitability. We are a brand new and well funded SaaS startup based in Stockholm and are actively building the roadmap for an early MVP. The co-founders have built successful companies before and are a mix of veterans and entrepreneurs in eCommerce, data science and growth.


We are looking for a hands-on, full stack engineer to join our engineering team and help shape both our product and team as we grow! Founding engineers will be an extension to us, the founders, and we think of our founding engineering team as having the ethos of being a founder themselves. Hence, this role is as close to being a founder of a company as you can get without starting one yourself!

As a founding engineer, you will be one of the first internal developers and play a massive role in establishing how to do things, what tech will be used, and team culture. You will take a hands-on, scrappy and data-driven approach to building and scaling the product towards product-market-fit with quick iterations.

As the internal team is hired there is an opportunity to move into a leadership/management role should the candidate be interested in this.


We’re hiring a small core team of founding engineers. We’re looking for the best people:

This is an owner role, not an employee role. You’ll bear the title of a founding engineer, which means substantial equity upside and key contribution to the direction of the business.


Node.js, React, Redux, Express, MongoDB, Kafka, Scala, ClickHouse, SQL, AWS, K8S


– Significant amount of stock options, we want to win as a team

– Wellness allowance, get 5000 SEK per year to use for workout and wellness

– Health insurance, just in case you need extra help

– Dog friendly office

– Flexible remote policy, you decide if you work from home or from one of our offices.

– We all meet up offline and work together from Stockholm or New York once every quarter

– Time off, 30 days of vacation per year as standard

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