Learning and development Manager [NB this opening has expired]

Occupation: Manager
Employer: Mathleaks AB
Workplace location: Stockholm, Stockholms län, Sverige
Last application date: 2022-10-25
Publication date: 2022-10-14


Languages: Engelska;
Skills: JavaScript, programmeringsspråk; WordPress, publicerings- och portalverktyg; HTML, programmeringsspråk;

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Mathleaks is seeking an experienced Learning and Development Manager to oversee the training and professional development of its Product Development team.

Main Responsibilities

· Continuously improve and update existing training materials and programs

· Monitor and assess the progress of trainees

· Provide regular feedback to trainees and trainers

· Meet regularly with members of the leadership team to discuss training progress and professional development opportunities for Product Development team members

· Implement KPIs for each member of the Product Development team based on their individual professional development goals

Additional Responsibilities

· Attend monthly stakeholder meetings to discuss the needs of the company and how it relates to the Product Development Team

· Attend weekly inter-departmental meetings to discuss integration with the Market and Technology teams

· Take part as a member of the Quality Assurance team whenever Product Development content is being tested

· Take initiative to find any other ways to improve the quality of the products offered by Mathleaks

· Assist with project scope decisions for the Product Development team using knowledge about the strengths and abilities of the team members

Necessary Qualifications

· Strong familiarity with the US education system and how math education works in USA

· A University degree related to education, preferably math education as this is the focus of the Product Development team’s content

· Native or near-native English abilities, both in writing and speaking

· Extremely comfortable with technology and conducting training virtually

· Access to a reliable computer with a webcam and microphone

Desired Qualifications

· At least 3 years of training experience

· Familiarity with LaTeX, HTML, JavaScriptX, MediaWiki, WordPress, and the Google Suite (Docs, Sheets, etc)

Be aware that Mathleaks is a small, start-up company. All upper-level employees will be asked to work extra hours occasionally and help complete urgent tasks that require extra manpower

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