Frontend Developer [NB this opening has expired]

Occupation: Frontend-utvecklare
Employer: AXSO Consulting AB
Workplace location: , , Sverige
Last application date: 2022-11-15
Publication date: 2022-10-16

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The mission of this assignment is to develop and maintain applications that are used by different truck divisions. The assignment is mostly to develop and maintain frontend applications using Angular framework. It is also needed to have some experience of backend in technologies like Node Js, C++ and PHP. We are now in an excited journey to modernize our IT architectures and migrate our on-prem applications to ARO (Azure Red Hat Openshift) environment and convert them to be cloud services. It is required to make sure that all frontend applications are adapted to the new the IT architecture.

Competence and Skills:

-Self-motivated person to work independently

-Strong team spirit to cooperate with team members, share ideas and help each other

-Strong agile mindset and positive to accept rapid changes

-Experience in Scrum manifesto

-Proactive thinking to build high quality, robust, and scalable software applications.

Required Skills:

-Minimum 3-4 years of hands-on experiences in Angular Framework, CSS, HTML, XML, JavaScript/jQuery, Bootstrap, RESTAPI, Node.js, PHP, Oracle, C++

-Version control: GIT, Bitbucket

Desired skills:

-Hands-on experience in ARO (Azure Red Hat Openshift), Containerization (docker), CI/CD


-The candidate should have an engineering background in order to communicate efficiently with our engineering stakeholders.

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