Mobile Developer [NB this opening has expired]

Occupation: Mjukvaruutvecklare
Employer: GV
Workplace location: , , Sverige
Last application date: 2022-11-15
Publication date: 2022-10-16

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As a mobile developer, you can expect a lot of diversity in your daily tasks (coding, advising clients, and workshops with startups...). You will be working closely with startups from our portfolio and doing missions with external clients.

We will actively let you work on these projects to broaden your skillset. You will be able to complete your assignments using React-Native or Flutter, while also being a core part of teams composed of UX/UI designers, product owners, data analysts, and more.

Depending on the assignment your opinion will have a big impact when it comes to the technical solution, but also the scoping of the product itself.

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